DJ Groove

“DJ Groove” was born on September 24, 1985 in Newark, New Jersey to Trinidadian natives, Balli and Leela Sonnylal. At the young age of 12 Groove developed a passion and love for music and began producing “groovey” mixes. Groove said “I was always fascinated with music & musical equipment, the moment I heard 2 songs blended together; I was immediately intrigued”; “I was like how does he do that?” was when I realized I wanted to become a DJ.

As Groove’s popularity grew, and he developed a love for various genres of music, he discovered “Soca In Meh Veins”; his true love for Soca music (the native music of Trinidad & Tobago). Groove highly admired the legendary Sound City team (president Regan & Ricardo “Back 2 Basics”). In the late 90s, Groove had the opportunity to meet his inspiration (Sound City) & observe their unique style of DJ-ing synchronized with live e-drumming. Around this time Groove also began to create his own “mixtapes” on cassettes. “I used to spend hours making mixes just for fun”- Groove said

In the early 2000s Groove attended Montclair State University, taking classes to enhance and build his knowledge and skills in communication and production. Immediately after college, Groove’s radio career began in 2006 on Blaze Radio 99.9 where Groove was a very popular morning personality. In November 2006, Groove met the love of his life, Nalini Sonnylal, then married her in May 2010. After 5 years of underground radio Groove became one of the original webcast personalities via Ustream & Livestream in 2011. Later that year, Groove became a Bacchanal Radio personality. His one of a kind high energy presence on air has acquired him the several tags including “The Soca Specialist” as well as “The Real Voice of New Jersey”! 

Today DJ Groove is the founder of his own entertainment team and brand; Team Groove, co-founder of the Siren International, Bacchanal Radio’s Program Supervisor, the host of Siren Saturdays (broadcasted Saturdays at 12pm EST on Bacchanal Radio) & one of the most known DJ’s in the North America! DJ Groove is also one of the key individuals responsible for creating the West Indian events & nightclub market in New Jersey! ​DJ Groove and Nalini are parents of identical twin boys, you may hear their voice drops during a Groove mix. With over 20 years of experience he is constantly being hired to play his “grooves” at private and public venues all over! “Life is what you make it”- I love this quote and I am living proof that this is true.

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