DJ DRock​

DJ DRock

DJ DRock also known as Devin Sayroo, was born In Brooklyn, NY where he resided for 8 years of his life he grew up in a family of music. Music became something that was second nature to him; quickly picking up Indian instruments such as Dholak, Tabla, and Harmonium. From then on, his love and passion for music in general grew. Growing up around his cousin and family friends who were DJs inspired him to follow in the footsteps. Being able to make people dance and have a great time is what caught his attention aside from the music aspect. It brought joy to him seeing feet moving on the dancefloor. As Devin aged, he wanted to make an actual effort to DJ with a family members cd mixer but wasn’t fond of that due to organization. After some time, he ran into a program called Virtual DJ and that is when he really started to collect music and finally investing in his first DJ Controller to control Virtual DJ. He started DJing family friend’s house parties, getting great feedback from the crowd. This was a great confidence boost for DRock, months after he was offered a spot to be an opening DJ for the International Curry Fest of Tampa FL. There he opened for DJ Roy of Bacchanal Radio and some well-known DJs and Radio personalities in the West Indian community. From that day DRock has hosted a show on various frequency but now home to Bacchanal Radio every Thursday as known as the “Twisted Thursdays”. Being on the radio and seeing him taking it to the next level, he was then booked in NYC including the tri-state area and other local Florida gigs in Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida; then making it to an international audience in Trinidad and Tobago on several occasions and events such as House Party 3 hosted by Raymond Ramnarine and Dil En Nadan. DJ. DRock’s aim in the industry is to bring joy to listener and clients wherever the journey may take him, as well as satisfaction after his performances ensuring the event is a success and memorable one.