DJ Nick’s music career originated in the culture rich islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Nick was first influenced by his brother Rajin running his own DJ company Smooth Vibes, a very popular DJ in the penal region. Nick recalls his start “I remember one occasion helping my brother Rajin on a large gig, he had to step away for a moment and put me up front to play. Being only 8 years old I was apprehensive, but once I started playing became instantly hooked…feeding off the music and crowds energy. I knew right away music would be my life…”

Several years later after moving to NYC, Nick had to delay his music interests as he adjusted to city life. “There were some very hard times and bad influences, but I owe my music career to my family who kept me on track…” Nick comments again on his family “My brother Rocky saw I was passionate about music and eventually set me up with a small sound system with help from my cousin Harris…” This enabled Nick to formally kick off his DJ career, playing backyard and block parties across the 5 boroughs.

The music industry continued to be a family affair and over the next 8 years Nick frequently joined his brother Rocky working for Audio One Production, a family friend Ping’s music business. “Every year Ping and my brother Rocky would bring me to work on the Hot 97 Labor Day float. I was also inspired by working fete’s at the Elite Ark Club and by experiencing the mainstream music industry in NYC.”

As Nicks experience grew, simultaneously his sister Rose was gaining popularity working as an MC for Bacchanal Radio. Nick frequently joined Rose on several radio spots as the guest DJ, as Rose pushed him to become more serious in the music industry. “I must give thanks to the people that always believed in me. Thanks to my Mother, Family and Friends; Rajin, Mahin, Rocky, Diana, Rose, Harris, DJ Shan and my number one supporters, my wife,son and daughter .”
“R.I.P. Marky

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