Jyoti resides in New York and has been with Bacchanal Radio for over a year and has delighted the airways with her soothing, sultry love ballads and positive vibes.

Jyoti’s passion for music came from growing up in New York listening to radio 24/7 and diving into the music scenes, hoping to one day have a music program of her own.

She has worked in healthcare for many years and is also a motivational speaker who has brought her sense of healing and uplifting spirits onto the World of Love. 

Jyoti’s goal is to offer her listeners a program that provides a mixture of music/talk radio to engage and allow for a more interactive experience in the music scene.

Stay tuned as she mesmerizes you with her engaging topics on life, love, family and all matters of the heart.

Fall in love Sunday evenings listening to Bollywood and mainstream love songs and always great conversations.


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